Fifteen Retail Range

Fifteen Retail Range

Client: Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

Textile and packaging design including illustration

We were tasked with the fantastic challenge of taking our designs from the 2011 Fifteen Refresh project and using them to inspire creative for the Fifteen product range.

All designs were to focus on ‘take home a piece of Fifteen’ – extending the Fifteen experience and ensuring the knowledge of the restaurant staff shines through.

The designs also needed to focus on learning, education, the apprentice chefs’ experience and ethical and sustainable sourcing.

On textiles, this became ‘Fifteen Know-How’s’ on the teatowel, ‘Which Herbs?’ to use with meat and fish on the apron, different types of pasta, mushrooms, tomatoes and herbs on napkins and a celcius to fahrenheit convertor on the oven mitts. On both textiles and the food range we created hand-drawn illustrations and typography to reinforce the hand-made approach of all the food prep in Fifteen’s kitchen.

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