Designing for a design-led luxury hotel

Sea Containers London


There have been many different briefs of many different guises but all with the common goal of delivering a blend of luxury and urban cool for the Sea Containers London brand with complete consistency.



We’ve worked on menu designs for the bars and restaurants, in-room collateral, the hotel newspaper, social media, digital campaigns, partnership projects, exclusive events and Hedgerow by agua.



We used a sophisticated colour palette, incorporating deep blues and metallic accents to evoke the elegance of the sea. Clean and bold typography exudes a sense of confidence and graphic elements include subtle nods to nautical symbols or patterns to add layers of charm.



We created an identity and supporting materials for Shipmates, Sea Containers London customer loyalty programme. The programme creates a sense of camaraderie and shared adventure and reinforces the relationship between the hotel and guests. It adds a friendly and inclusive element to the overall brand identity.


The marketing materials take you on a visual voyage of sophistication and modern flair. They reflect the vibrant atmosphere of the hotel and commitment to luxury and the avant-garde. The strategic use of colour draws inspiration from the deep blues of the sea and energetic hues of the city. All marketing materials are designed not to sell a stay, but to sell a lifestyle.



We designed and built the Sea Containers London website to convey the brand attributes and values in the online arena. The design is contemporary and vibrant, the functionality intuitive and user-friendly and the experience engaging and inviting.

We also create all the social media content to showcase the hotel’s exclusive offers, involve dynamic storytelling and build a sense of community.

Young Guests

The Explorer Passport is a lovely initiative designed to make young guests feel like little adventurers exploring the wonders of London. Profiling activities and treats to turn their stay into a memorable journey, it demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for guests of all ages.



A visual feast of design that mirrors the hotel’s eclectic and contemporary vibe which harmoniously blends sleek modernity with a playful nod to maritime elements and a visual language that captures the essence of Sea Containers London - chic, dynamic and elegant.