Tailored software and problem solving made visual



We started working with Hawkrose in 2020 when they had been established for just 2 years. They came to us to design their identity and design and build their website. At this point they were more of a gamification strategy company with a focus on events and their consultancy arm added credibility to their offering. Their original website played to these strengths. During Covid their business changed. They were unable to run events so their offer evolved to focus more on consultancy. They became a tailored software, problem solving business, still working in the public sector and now also in aviation. Whilst their identity stood the test of time by 2023 they needed to change their proposition and positioning online and they asked us again to help them do this.


We needed to elevate the brand from a gamification look and feel to that of machine learning and professional services. To do this we evolved the colour palette from less playful to more professional. We also created a suite of interactive 3D animations that visually reinforced Hawkrose’s expertise and knowledge of data distributions and process chains.


Hawkrose offers decision support to organisations but they do this differently. Unlike competitors that make decisions for their customers, Hawkrose helps their customers, through their understanding, their tools, their software and utilising their customers' data, to enable their customers to make decisions that allow their organisations to move forward. Presenting Hawkrose as a company that does things differently, behaves differently, thinks differently and presents themselves differently was key to the development of the website design creative.

With a primary focus of standing out from competitor websites the visual and written language needed to change. We needed to incorporate the unique tools and techniques that Hawkrose use and present these in a relatable and intelligent way. The content evolved to reinforce the sectors they operate in and the tailored products available for these sectors. The language also evolved to demonstrate clear understanding of the sectors and their requirements.


The brand logo was still relatable to customers. It had equity, was unique in the market place and was identifiable. The identity around the logo and colour palette needed to evolve to position Hawkrose as more professional, insightful, effective and knowledgeable. Together with the animations, more meaningful photography was adopted to create further engagement.



A website that is now future-proofed for the Hawkrose brand and effectively promotes their customers and the sectors that they operate in. They now look, feel and sound like who they are and how they operate. The website demonstrates that Hawkrose thinks differently. That they are innovative in their approach and effective in their delivery. One that shows that Hawkrose are market disruptors and true game changers.